Distant Memory

screen print, 21.25in. x 27.25in, 2019.

    Distant Memory is part of a series based on Pacheco Le’s childhood memories. Being extremely private pushes her self-portraits in an abstract direction. All the pieces in the series unfold to provide only inklings of the story she chooses to tell. The focus of the work is not the story’s content, but the concept of sharing it, and the struggle the viewer will endure to find understanding. Through this participatory act, Distant Memory becomes a stand-in for Pacheco Le. Her difficulty opening up is portrayed through different methods of concealment. The struggle and frustration on her end will reflect the participation on the viewer’s end.

Christine Pacheco Le is an emerging artist based in Mississauga, Ontario, currently working towards her Honours Bachelor of Arts in a joint program between the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. She is also pursuing a Certificate in Curatorial Studies. Working in a variety of media, her work often explores the themes of memory, personal identity, and concealment through a particular abstraction inspired by text and typography.