Untitled (series)

clock-wise from top-left: July 15, 2019, July 26, 2019, July 29, 2019, October 3, 2019.
marker on paper, 8.5in. x 11in., 2019.
    This currently untitled, ongoing series, stems from a need to document and describe pain. I often feel as if my body is trapping me, limiting my every movement and choice, betraying me even when we are one and the same. Understanding and documenting these experiences has become a method of coping with and working through the often-intense feeling of pain.

Heather Riley is an emerging artist from Oro-Medonte working with whatever she can get her hands on, primarily in printmaking. She received both an Honours Bachelor of Arts (University of Toronto Mississauga) and an Advanced Diploma (Sheridan College) in 2018 and has a Diploma in Art Fundamentals (Georgian College). Heather’s work varies, but is largely focused on understanding and engineering space. She uses materials in an intuitive way, allowing chance to influence the work. She has exhibited at Visual Arts Mississauga, The Red Head Gallery, and at Art Museum at the University of Toronto.