Raw Reality

watercolour, pen, and ink on paper, 12.5in. x 9.5in., 2020

    In the piece Raw Reality, I explore the constant struggle that I personally face everyday within myself - a vulnerable side to myself that nobody sees and only appears in my darkest and loneliest hours. Previously part of a trilogy, I had come to a realization that like art, a person can be interpreted in hundreds of ways by hundreds of people, all depending on their knowledge or lack there of, of the person in view. My piece focuses on the complexity of humans and their desires, looks, and weaknesses, which are all key factors in self-image, which is a major concept in the series and the piece itself. I explore the multiple facades I had put up as a child, a tween, and now a young adult, showing how I constantly grapple with personality and the ever impending question "what kind of person are you?" One of my many figures in my brain is shown trapped in a glass case, showcasing how toxic it can be to try and fit yourself into niches and trends, and how much pressure and stress it puts on you.

Meagn Vitug is a first-year student in the Ontario College of Arts and Design University’s (OCAD U) Illustration program. Through drawing, Vitug’s practice employs character and atmospheric location design as a means of reaching her audience through storytelling. Living within the Queer Asian community, Vitug wishes to create realms in which her audience can findd a home, with characters to fall in love with, and from whom, draw inspiration. Growing up, Vitug notes an absence of relatable characters in mainstream meida, and wishes that with the platform she continues to build, she advocate for the POC-Queer minority she calls family.