Sex & Religion

video, 4m24s, 2019.

Sex & Religion
Two contrasting ideas
One requires the body to be pure and clean
The other allows promiscuous behaviors and liberation

The Catholic education confused sex
Little information about this is given
There is no Safe Sex
Simply, No Sex

This can leave many confused and curious

Questions will grow into obsessions
Sex becomes a fascination
An amazement
Comfort with sexuality
seems to not exist
Sex is simply taboo

The education system has not progressed
Little information on proper sex ed
Teenagers make do,
Educate themselves
Porn, youtube, any online source
Regarding the human body, human nature

This period of self-education
Diluted the idea of sex
More questions will arise
Improper methods will be used

Porn is an industry that solemnly displays,
Real sex
Safe sex is not taught in porn
Videos showing
Safe sex
Are typically outdated
With some sort of religious
Underlying message

Sabrina Bilic is an artist working in Mississauga, Ontario, currently completing the joint University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College Art and Art History program. Her work focuses on the use of materiality and colour to engage with childlike modes of play. She is one of five founders of the student-run Tiny Fist Gallery, located at Sheridan College’s Trafalgar campus. Along with curating and co-directing shows, recent experience includes exhibiting work in Now Streaming at Visual Arts Mississauga, and at Toronto’s Redhead Gallery.